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Jellybean's continues to provide Mid-Michigan with access to good reading, good music and plenty of affordable entertainment. We deal in current (used) and collectable books, magazines, comics, CD's, cassettes, LP's, videos and video games. Our store trades and pays cash for many items.

Jellybean's is owned and operated by Ronald Samek and Teah Samek. The first store was opened in 1977 and was called Bonanza Jellybean's, a reference to a character in the Harold Robbin's book "Only Cowgirls Get the Blues." It was housed in the lobby of the old Reid Hotel in Downtown Flint at Kearsley and Harrison. 

After a few years, the store moved to a location on Dort Hwy near Lipponcott road. (The old Reid Hotel was later torn down, and the first Jellybean location is now a parking lot.) Noticing that many people often left the 'Bonanza' off the store name, it was decided to shorten it to just 'Jellybean's.'

Soon after moving to Dort Hwy, Jellybean's added a second branch at Pierson and Jennings. The third store opened at Fenton Road and Hill. At that time, the Dort and Lipponcott operation was moved to a larger location on Dort Hwy at Court street. The Dort location closed in 2013 after many years in operation.

Also during the early 80's, another branch called "The Great Escape" was started in East Lansing, across from Michigan State University. After a few years this store was closed.

In recent years, a franchise Jellybean's was sold which set up operation in Saginaw. This store had different owners, however, and closed in 1999.

The small Pierson and Jennings store was closed and moved to a new spot in Owosso, near Meijers. This store is the current Jellybean's in operation, as the last Flint location on Fenton Road suffered a fire after a lightning strike in May of 2014. Here are a few news stories links about that recent sad event.

Iconic Jellybean's used bookstore lost to fire caused by lightning strike (with video)

Decades of history, memories and art lost in Jellybean's fire