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  Frequently Asked Questions 

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A: No, we do not, unfortunately. Because of the volume of trading, selling and buying that goes on at each of our locations every day, plus our large volume of material, we would have to spend more time creating and updating a database of inventory than we would stocking and helping customers! For this reason, we do not maintain a database at this time.

A: Yes. Even though we do not maintain a database inventory, we often have a very good idea of what we carry on our shelves. Please keep in mind when calling that we have to go out and physically search for your item. Some searches, such as for a religious book, may be impossible because of the size of the section, and because our non-fiction is not categorized by author or title, only subject. In this case it is suggested that you come in and do a thorough search for your item. Fiction, on the other hand, is categorized by author, so if you have an author's name on hand when making a fiction book request and we can usually check for you on the phone. Music and video searches can also usually be carried out if you know the title and (in the case of music) artist of the item. Please try to keep your requests to one or two items.

A: We may still be able to do a search with partial information, so you can call and ask regardless. We recommend using one of the links provided on our Link Page to make use of a web site that might assist you in locating the information you need.

A: Because of our lack of computer inventory, and because of the volume of requests we receive from customers every day, we are unable to do this. You are welcome, however, to call periodically to check on the availability of the item you are looking for.

A: Yes. You may hold up to 6 items for a total of 7 days. Exceptions are video games and DVD's, where we will only hold 2 items for up to 3 days. Unclaimed holds at the end of 7 or 3 days will be re-shelved.

A: Yes, you may, visiting our contact page. Provide as much detail as possible in your request when you send it (author, title, artist, etc.) Please keep in mind that you will recieve a response within a few days only if we find the item.

A: Not at this time..

A: In most cases, we can only give you a general idea of what we can pay for something over the phone. To get an exact price, you must bring the items into the store. To determine the market value of an item, such as an old book, you must receive an appraisal. Unfortunately, Jellybean's does not offer this service.

A: Yes! Find out about our Guarantee and Return policy here.

A: A very good question! Check out our About Us page to get the answer.