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As a service to our customers, we are providing links to web sites which may be of interest or help our book, music and video shoppers. If you know of any web sites which may be of use to our customers, please e-mail us with your suggestions!


Click here to open links in a second browser window.

Book links

Here are a few links that might
be able to help you locate a book title, or an author.


Music links

Got a song title but no artist? Need some lyrics for your favorite song?
These sites should fit the bill!

All Music Guide

A free enclyclopedic database of songs, albums and artists that can find just about any song information you need! Search by title, artist, album or label. A really awesome site.

Lyrics Search

A great site to search for lyrics. Search by title or artist.

Video links

Want to know every movie your favorite actor was in? Was so-and-so in a movie, but you can't remember it's name? Use these links to help you!

The Internet Movie Database

Allows you to search for Cast, Crew, Movie or TV titles, and by using Character names!

Film Bug Movie Search

Here you can search by Movie / TV titles or by Star names. It also provides links to official websites, fan clubs, image galleries!



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