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Jellybean's offers cash for many of the items we carry. This includes video games, DVD videos, VHS videos, CD's, cassette tapes, LP's, software and selected books. Please keep in mind when selling that trade in-store credit always offers double the cash amount (or more) for your items.

You must be 18 or older with a picture ID to sell. Some items such as LP's and software are only bought by one person, so please call ahead when selling these. Also call ahead if you have a large quantity of anything to sell.

Books are usually trade only, but exceptions can be made for some collections. Again, call ahead if you have any questions.

Things that we consider for purchase are included below. All items are assesed for cash payment or trade value in-store only.

Check out our CD trade, too.

Cassette Tapes: Cassettes trade for credit only at this time. Check out our cassette trade, too.

  Video Games: Cash value is based upon the actual selling price of the game, which varies. Bring your items to the nearest Jellybean's for an estimate. Check out our video game trade for the type of games we will buy.

  DVD/Blu-ray videos: DVD's and Blu-rays must be relatively scratch-free and in their original cases to sell.

  VHS video: VHS tapes are only being traded for credit at this time. Check out our VHS video trade, too.

  LP's: Cash for records will vary. Please call our Fenton Rd. location and speak to the record buyer to get a price range for albums. LP's and their jackets must be in good condition. We do not buy 78's.
Check out our LP trade, too.

  Software: Cash for software will vary. Please call our Fenton Rd. location and speak to the software buyer to get a price range for software.


Jellybean's reserves the right to refuse any item if it is deemed un-saleable or if too many are already held in overstock.