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Jellybean's offers one of the widest selection of used books, music and video in Mid-Michigan. Our stock of 500,000 books and 100,000 CD's tapes and albums cover a wide range of subjects and categories, some of which are listed below. We also offer a guarantee and return policy that provides a warranty against defects on all our music, video and video games.

Scroll this page to read about Jellybean's low prices for our Fenton Road and Owosso locations. Also be sure to check out our current specials in the links at the top of the page!



We carry all types of fiction: romance, suspense, horror, bestseller, action/adventure, war, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, gothic, historical, classics, plays, poetry, comedy and westerns. We also carry a very large selection of non-fiction, including philosophy, history, psychology, religious, self-help, health and diet, romance/relationships, beauty, computers, pets, reference, car repair, education, parenting, women, cooking, new age, ufo, travel, theatre, crafts, photography, art, true war, true crime, sociology, anthropology, sports, gardening, hobbies, nature, science, business, outdoors, foreign language, movies, political, music and biographies.

  • Paperbacks at Jellybean's are ½ or less of the original cover price. We have a .95 cent minimum on books.

  • Hardcover fiction novels are $2 each and 3 for $5.

  • Nonfiction hardcover books and classic hard covers are priced as marked typically well below half cover price.

  • We sell series romance novels (Harlequins, Silhouettes, etc.) 6 for $5.

  • We also carry a large selection of audio books on tape. These sell at ½ or less of the original selling price.

MAGAZINES: We carry a large variety of back-issue magazines. Their topics ranges from cars and cooking to hunting and fitness! Almost any topic you can think of is represented, so stop in and check out our selection.

COMICS: Our titles for comics are also as large and varied.



In cassette, CD and LP's we carry the same wide array of categories to choose from. These include rock, country, classical, soul/R&B/rap, jazz, blues, new age, soundtracks, Christian, easy listening, comedy, Christmas, folk, reggae, oldies, foreign and children's.




Jellybean's carries a full selection of videos for viewing. These include music videos, comedy, sports, nature, documentary, comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, adventure, western, war, classics and childrens.

VHS video tapes

DVD videos




We also carry posters and computer software at some of our locations! Prices on these items differ, so please visit our stores to see what's available.