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Trade at Jellybean's offers the best value for your merchandise! We encourage our customer's to trade for in-store credit for that reason. Trading policies for items in different categories varies, so click the category item you are interested in trading above, or scroll the page to view the guidelines for all categories.

Remember: these are only guidelines. It is impossible to say whether an item can be accepted for trade until we actually see it. If you have any questions, inquire at the Jellybean's nearest you.

If you are interested in trading between categories, such as books for CD's, click The Trading Chain to learn how.

A 10% service charge plus tax is assessed on ALL items taken in trade. That is, if you are trading for $20.00 worth of merchandise (at our price) you will need to pay $2.00 plus tax during checkout. This amount cannot be deducted from outstanding credit.

Credit slips can and are given for most items traded in the store if credit is not used in full that day. No other record is kept of credit so slips must be held by the customer in order to collect any outstanding trade. Credit slips are only good for one year.

Most trading is carried out at our Fenton Road, Flint location and our Owosso store.

BOOKS   Click here for Music  Video

Click for Magazine or Comic trade

Our book trading has three categories of trade Any Book trade, Any Fiction Book trade and General Book trade.

Any Book Trade: This category is given for literally ANY books in the store. You usually need to trade very good non-fiction or classics for this credit. Some non-fiction will only be tradable for non-fiction, at the store's discretion. You also can receive this credit by trading music or video for books. (See The Trading Chain for more info.)

Any Fiction Book Trade: This category is given for any fiction books. This includes ALL categories of fiction in the store. You usually receive this credit by trading westerns, mysteries or science fiction.

General Fiction Book Trade: This category does not include westerns, mystery and science fiction. All other categories of fiction books (except classics) are included, however. Romance, suspense, horror, bestsellers and common types of non-fiction usually generate this kind of trade.

Books must be in good condition without major tears, water-damage, excessive grease or dirt, loose or missing pages, broken-backs, missing covers or partially missing covers.

We accept all categories of books, from fiction to non-fiction and from paperbacks to hard covers. A few kinds of books we do not accept:

  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • School or College textbooks (those designed specifically for classroom use.)
  • Discarded library books
  • Books red-marked or stamped as sale items
  • Romance, best-sellers or suspense books with a less than $5.00 cover price.
  • Very old business, political or computer books.
  • Encyclopedias (such as Britannica or World-book)
  • ANYTHING that we feel is un-sellable in the store OR that we already have too many copies of.

We do reserve the right to turn down any book, even those we may have sold, if we feel they fall into any of the above categories. (Books that are sold with any major defects are usually discounted at the time of sale.)

If you are unsure whether your books are tradable, simply bring them in and let us go through them for you! We would be happy to sort out what we can take and give you credit for those items.

The specific credit value given for paperback books is based upon the actual cover price of the book. In general the credit given is ¼ of the cover price.


  • .95 or less = .25 in credit
  • 1.00 or higher = .35 in credit
  • 2.00 or higher = .55 in credit
  • 3.00 or higher = .75 in credit
  • 4.00 or higher = 1.00 in credit
  • 5.00 or higher = 1.25 in credit
  • 6.00 or higher = 1.50 in credit
  • 7.00 or higher = 1.75 in credit
  • 8.00 or higher = 2.00 in credit
  • 9.00 or higher = 2.25 in credit
  • 10.00 or higher = 2.50 in credit

Remember that paperback books at Jellybean's are sold for ½ of the cover price. This means that a book bought in our store with an $8.00 cover price will only cost $4.00, and can be traded back for $2.00 in credit!

Numbered series romance books (Harlequins, Silhouettes, etc.) trade two-for-one for more of that type.

Our hardcover fiction books generally trade at a two-for-one rate (two of your fiction hard covers for one of ours.)

Hardcover non-fiction books are usually priced well below half the cover price in many cases, and trade value is based on what we estimate we will sell it for.


Most magazines trade at a two-for-one rate (two of your magazines for one of ours.) We accept a variety of magazines, most having a specific theme or subject matter, such as hunting, crafting, fitness, etc. Some magazines we do not accept are:

  • Reader's Digest
  • Women's Day
  • Family Circle
  • National Enquirer (and those similar)
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Business Week
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • People
  • National Geographic (can trade for more of the same
  • anything with information that goes out of date quickly!

A few magazines are tradable for book credit or general store credit at a reduced rate.


Most comics trade at a two-for-one rate (two of yours for one of ours.) Book credit or general store credit can be given for some collections at a reduced rate. Please call ahead to trade large quantities of comics.


MUSIC  Click here for Books  Video

Click for tape or record trade.


CD's are traded at a two-for-one rate (two of your CD's for one of ours.)
CD's can be traded one-for-one and you pay only a $2.75 difference. (No additional service charge applied.)

CD's must be in a jewel case and have at least a back cover when traded. CD's should be undamaged and mostly free of scratches.

Classical, soundtracks, Christmas and various artist CD's trade only for CD's of the same category. (Other soundtracks, Christmas, etc.) We do not accept promotional CD's.

We reserve the right to turn down any CD if we feel it is un-sellable or if we have too many in stock.

A 10% service charge will be applied to all CD's taken in trade. (.70 is due on most CD's.) See top of page for more information.

Cassette Tapes (Music and audio books) 

Cassette tapes trade at a two-for-one rate (two of yours for one of ours.)

Cassettes must be in their cases with a cover. We do not accept bootleg cassettes.

Classical, soundtracks, Christmas, and various artists cassettes only trade for cassettes of the same category. (Other soundtracks, Christmas, etc.) We do not accept promotional cassettes.

Audio books on tape are given credit based on the original selling price. Generally audio books collect ¼ of the original price in trade value.

We reserve the right to turn down any cassette if we feel it is unsalable or if we have too many in stock.

A 10% service charge will be applied to all cassettes taken in trade. See top of page for more information.


All record album trading is handled out of our Fenton Road, Flint location. To trade records, please call 810-233-4555 to find out which day would be best for bringing in your albums.

Record credit will vary from album to album.

We do accept 33 1/3 and 45 records, but not 75's.

Records and their jackets must be in good condition.


VIDEO  Click here for Books  Music

VHS video

Movies must be traded in their original cases. We do not accept movies in video store plastic boxes. We also do not accept video store screening copies or bootleg copies.

Credit for videos will vary according to the video. Average credit for full-length first-run movies is $3 to $5 at this time (when trading for other movies.)

We reserve the right to turn down any video if we feel it is unsalable or if we have too many in stock.

A 10% service charge will be applied to all videos taken in trade. See top of page for more details.

DVD video

We now also accept DVD video disks! DVD's must be in their original cases and with few or no scratches. DVD credit varies between $4 to $6.

Video games

Video games accepted for trade are Nintendo 64, Playstation, Gameboy, Gamegear, Sega Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn and Nintendo.

Sorry, but we do not deal in video game systems or any video game equipment EXCEPT for Gameboy systems, which we can accept if they are demonstrated to work. (Please bring an AC adaptor or batteries when trading your hand-held system.)

The regular (oldest) Nintendo games generally trade two-for-one for other regular Nintendo. All other video game credit varies, and can be used for any games or any merchandise in the store.

All video games must be in good condition --disk games must have at least a back or front cover in the jewel case and be at least 90% scratch free.

We cannot give you credit prices for your games over the phone, so please bring your game trades to the nearest Jellybean's for an estimate.

CD-Rom (Computer software)

We are accepting computer software for trade at our Fenton Rd. location. Please call 810-233-4555 to find the best time to bring in your software.



Trading at Jellybean's offers the unique opportunity to trade one category of goods for another. We do, however, have to place restrictions on what items will trade for what. Supply and demand dictates that some items are more available than others, and those items usually will not trade for things in scarcer supply. Please use this trade chain to determine what your items will trade for in the store. How it works:

Those items at the top of the list have the most value and will give you the most credit for the things below.

When trading lower list items for ones higher, however, you will get much less value than normal, and in the case of books, will not be able to trade higher on the list at all.

If you have any questions, call your nearest Jellybean's for more details on how to trade your items in the store.

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